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007009:9.5 inch (24cm) Scoop Coater(Model:E1)
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9 1/2” (24cm) Scoop Coater (Model- E1)


Scoop coater is a must-have tool for proper application of all direct liquid emulsions. Our coater is one of the most price competitive and best designed emulsion scoop coaters in the screen printing industry. They are made of durable aluminum with plastic end cap guides, designed for easy and comfortable handling .The coating angle is designed on a perfect angle to coat a emulsion layer evenly and uniformly. It's calibrated to give a smooth coating of emulsion every time.


The emulsion outflow holes on both bottom side of end caps can get the emulsion back flow, which is cleaner and more economic.

V shape design makes the aluminum handle feel more comfortable and get more emulsion contained. Oxidizing surface treatment is more corrosion resisting and friction resisting.

End caps on both sides all adopt 1.2mm thickness steel plate subjected to laser cutting and electrostatic spraying workmanship.

Diameter of emulsion outflow holes is 8mm. It adopts high elasticity silica gel tapered plugs for plugging. The silica gel material has an advantage of long life without deformation, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance and apt to cleaning.


Width: 4"

Length:9 1/2 inch

Items included:

1 pc 9 1/2" Scoop Coater  (007009)




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