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006993:6-6 Color Full Set Kit
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Full Set 6-6 Color Screen Printing Kit

Screen printing is arguably most versatile in printing, almost everything can be used as substrate. Our company provide this 6 color 6 station screen printing package with all stuff needed by a small screen printing workshop. we show buyers skilled operation and application by words and video, achieving integration of technique ,equipment, material and service.

6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine (006527)

Use it to press onto: Specifications
*Glass and ceramic
*Metal *Sign *Circuit board *Leather Machine dimensions 190*190*110cm/74*74*43inch
Pallet area 45*55cm(18*22inch)
Package 5 cartons
Shipping weight 335Lb (152kg)

1800W Flash Dryer (006042)

Main Features
  • Foundation is consistent with heating box ,stable, saving-space and overcoming the flaw caused by traditional ʮthat easily gets knock and stuck.
  • Easy operation: After well installed, connect the power supply and turn on the switch and then it will work automatically.

  • With four universal wheels, easy move.
  • Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust.
  • US, Canada Plug standard
  • Easy assembly. with a few bolts you have a flash that's ready to be put to work.


  • Input voltage110V
  • Power1800W
  • Baking area reaches 18"x24" (45x60cm).
  • Weight75Lb (34kg)
  • Crate Dimension: 34"x20"x14"(86x51x36cm)

UV Exposure Unit (006854)

Product Code


Exposure size

21x25 inch






American standard

Machine using material

3mm steel plate

Machine size

26x22x9 inch(67x57x23cm)

Net weight


Gross weight


Packing size

30x27x12.4 inch(77x68x31cm)

Screen Drying Cabinet (006005)

Voltage 110V
Power 800W
Plug standard US, Canada
Machine size 27.9x24x12.2 (71x61x31cm)
Packing Size 32.6"x27.9"x15.7"? (83x71x40cm)
Net weight 80Lb (36kg)
Shipping weight 88Lb (40kg)


*Max screen frame size : 25"x21"(64x53cm).

* The top layer need to put in the screen frame in vertical direction.

Hand Screen Stretcher (006504)

Screen stretching is the most important procedure to make screen. Stretching tool and technical define the quality of emulsion coating ,screen stretching and screen printing.


  • Crate dimension: 28"*19"*11"(704828CM)
  • Net weight: 42Lb(19kg)
  • Shipping weight: 50Lb(23kg)

6 Color Screen Printing Materials Kit (006531)

NOTE: All the items related in the following are all well packaged into one box; item number is 006531.

Washout is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Based on the customer and market, our company R&D this washout tank furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, economical, multifunctional, convenient to use.


Internal dimension 26"*20"15"(66*50*37CM)
Crate dimension 31"*24"*17"(78*60*44CM)
Net weight 15LB(7KG)
Shipping weight 20LB(9KG)
1 9.5" Emulsion scoop coater
1 14" Emulsion scoop coater
6 13" Squeegee
6 20" Squeegee
3 yards 60 Screen Mesh
3 yards100 & 3 yards 200 Mesh
6 10.5"x15" Screen Frame
6 16"x20" Screen Frame
20 sheets A3 Transparency Film
20 sheets A4 Transparency Film
6 pcs 1# Spatulas
1 Roll Aluminum Foil Tape

Screen Frame Adhesive
1 bottle/
2.2 Lb (1kg)

Photosensitive Emulsion
1 set/2.2Lb (1kg)

Emulsion Hardener
1 bottle/2.2 Lb (1kg)

Pallet Adhesive
1 bottle/1Lb (0.45kg)
Ink Thinner 1 bottle/2.2Lb (1kg)Emulsion Remover Powder -100g 6 pcs of shirt
for printing test

6 bottles White Paste/2.2Lb (1kg)
4 Transparent Paste/2.2Lb(1kg)

5 Pigments: 2.2Lb(1kg)/bottle
scarlet, yellow, blue, green, black

6 PVC Inks: 2.2Lb (1kg)/can
black, white, yellow, red, green, blue

Item Included:

1) 1 Six color Six station screen press (006527)

2) 1 Flash Dryer (006042)
3) 1 UV Exposure Unit (006854)
4) 1 Hand Screen Stretcher (006504)
5) 1 Screen Drying Cabinet (006005)

6) 6 Colors screen printing materials kit
(006531), which includes the following items:

1)1 Washout tank 006008
2)1 9.5"Emulsion scoop coater 007002
3)1 14"Emulsion scoop coater 007001
4)20 sheets of A4 transparent Film 007003
5)20 sheets of A3 transparent Film 007004
6)1.39X3Yard 60#screen fabric 007202
7)1.39X3Yard 100#screen fabric 007204
8)1.39X3Yard 200#screen fabric 007209
9)6 10.5"x15" Aluminum screen frame 007241
10)6 16"x20" Aluminum screen frame 007261
1 bottle of Screen frame adhesive 008000
12)1 set of Photographic emulsion 008401)
1 bottle of Remover Powder (008417)
14)6 13" (33cm)
Squeegee (007307)
15)6 18" (46cm) Squeegee (007310)
16)6 Plastic Cement Spatulas
)1 Aluminum Frame Tape (008433)

18)1 bottle of Ink thinner (011032)
19)1 bottle of Hardener (008440)
20)6 bottles of White Paste (008242)
21)4 bottles of Transparent base (008252)
22)1 bottle of Pallet adhesive (008450)
23)1 bottle of scarlet pigment (008060)
24)1 bottle of yellow pigment (008061)
25)1 bottle of blue pigment (008062)
26)1 bottle of green pigment(008063)
27)1 bottle of black pigment (008064)
bottle of red PVC ink (008014)
29)1 bottle of yellow PVC ink (008015)
30)1 bottle of blue PVC ink (008016)
31)1 bottle of green PVC ink (008017)
32)1 bottle of black PVC ink (008018)
33)1 bottle of white PVC ink (008019)
34)6 pcs of T-shirts


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