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006941:4-4 Color Printing Kit H
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4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Kit H

This package is a fantastic adding if you have your own printing plate making method, of course, you can choose ours. Not only machines but materials are high quality and low price.

4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Machine (006526)


Platen size:45*55cm(18*22inch) 

Machine size: 180*180*110cm/70*70*43inch 

Net weight:104kg/232lb

Gross weight: 106kg/233lb 


Packaged into 4 cartons


77Lb (35kg)

26”x26”x12” (65x65x31cm)


55Lb (25kg)

23”x16”x10” (59x39x26cm)


35Lb (16kg)

24”x20”x9” (61x51x22cm)


66Lb (30kg)

26”x17”x16” (66x42x41cm)


  • Table type and combinatorial design saves place and convenient for transportation.

  • Adjustable double-spring devices are available for screen frames of different weight.

  • Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 1.2" (3cm) thickness.

  • Big supporting device keeps the machine stable and in balance.

  • All-metal construction, advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable, easy to clear and no rust.


Simple UV Exposure Unit

This simple UV Exposure Unit Kit is especially designed for personal usage in screen printing; it is easy operated and with very low cost, which will also be the best choice for new hand to start screen printing business.
  • Input Voltage of Exposure Unit: 110V
  • Exposure Area: 19.7"x23.7" (50x60cm)
  • Glass Size: 14.6"x18.5"x0.3" (37x47x0.8cm)
  • Rubber Subplate Size: 19.7"x23.6" (50x60cm)
  • Light Tubes' Powder: 26W/pc
  • Total Powder: 52W
  • Net Weight: 22Lb (9.7kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 28Lb (13kg)
  • Package Size: 21"d17"d12.6" (53x43x32cm)

Simple Assembly Screen Drying Cabinet

  • Input Voltage: 110V

  • Power: 1100W

  • Highest Inner Temp while Using:
    122F- 158F (50-70 ℃).

  • Maximum Drying Area of Frame: 
    31.5"x 35.5" (80x90cm)

  • Net Weight: 15Lb (6.5kg)

  • Gross Weight: 18Lb (8kg)

  • Machine Size after Installation: 
    28.7"x19.7"x59" (73x50x150cm)

  • Package Size: 29.5"x10"x10.6" (75x26x27 cm)


1 14" Emulsion scoop coater
Photosensitive Emulsion - 2.2Lb (1kg)
4 13" Squeegee
4 16"x20" Pre-Stretched Screen
10 sheets A4 Transparency Film
4 pcs Spatulas

1 Pallet Adhesive
1.1Lb (0.5kg)/bottle
1 bottles White Paste/1.1Lb(0.5kg)
1 Transparent Paste/1.1Lb(0.5kg)
5 Pigments: 2.2Lb(1kg)/bottle
scarlet, yellow, blue, green, black

Package included:

1)1 Four color 4 station screen press (006526)
2)1 set of simple UV exposure unit (006800)
3)1 set of simple drying cabinet (006301)
4)4 16"x20"Aluminum frame with 80#Fabric (007264)
5)4 13"(33cm) squeegee (007347)
6)1 bottle of White Paste (008243)
7)1 bottle of Transparent base (008253)
8)1 bottle of Pallet adhesive (008450)
9)10 sheets A4 Transparency Film (007003)
10)1 bottle of Photosensitive Emulsion (008401)
11)1 pc of 14" Scoop Coater (007001)
12)4 Spatulas (007024)

13)1 bottle of red Color Pigment (008060)
14)1 bottle of yellow Color Pigment (008061)
15)1 bottle of blue Color Pigment (008062)
)1 bottle of green Color Pigment (008063)
)1 bottle of black Color Pigment (008064)


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