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006936:4-2 Color Printing Full Kit G
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4 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Full Starter Kit

This kit is especially designed for new hand to learn and apply 4 colors T-shirt printing. It includes all the equipments and materials for making screen printing plate & doing 4 colors T-shirt screen printing with high quality at a reasonable price, easily set-up, register and print; besides, we can also provide the full set of technical support. The most important is: with this kit, you can also start a fun and profitable business for printing shirts! This is the most complete screen printing starter kit. So why still hesitate? Act now!!! 

4 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Machine (006523)

Comparing with the original 4 color 2 station printer, this new type machine has a function of micro-adjust. If you want to do color matching, you can use those small red handles to move the screen frame right or left slightly. It will be a good choice for colorful printing.


Platen size:45*55cm(18*22inch)

Machine size: 185*91*37cm/72*35*14inch

Net weight:35KG/78lb

Packing size:86*50*25cm/34*17*10inch

Gross weight:42KG/96lb

3000W Intelligent 3-Stage Temperature Adjustable Flash Dryer (006044)

Main Features
  • It adopts hierarchical (100 levels) temp-adjusting system, just click "+" and "-" to set hierarchical level for realizing accurate temp controlling. (Note: The reading of the controlling panel doesn’t mean the temperature. The larger the number the panel displayed, the higher the temperature will be.)
  • Equipped with six 500W far-infrared heating tubes and three switches. Each switch controls 2 tubes whose power is 1000W. Temperature can be adjusted in 3 stages. Easy operation and power—saving.
  • High heating efficiency. Six stainless steel heating tubes (500W of each) make the temp increase quickly. The aluminum plate in the back of the tube can reflect heat, which means that the screen can be dried evenly.
    Foundation is paralleled with heating box. Stable, space-saving and safer.
  • All chroming-steel structure. Sturdy and artistic design with powder coated housing to prevent rust.
    Height is adjustable. Equipped with four universal wheels, easy to move.


Input voltage: 110V
Power:1000w(Stage1), 2000W(Stage2), 3000W(Stage3)
Baking area: 18”x24” (45x60cm)
Net weight:86lbs(39kg)
Range of Height between drying box and ground: 24”-40”(60-100cm)

Screen Printing Equipments & Materials Kit (006802)

Washout Tank with Water Gun Included

Plate washing is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Premium plate-washing tank of our company is furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, which can make plate washing cleaner and more convenient.

  • Internal dimension: 26"X20"X15"(66X50X37cm)
  • Net Weight: 15Lb (7kg)

UV Exposure Unit Kit

Screen plate making is one of the most important procedures for doing screen printing business.
This kit is specially designed for making screen printing plate. With this very low cost kit, you can easily make your own screen printing plate or doing screen plate processing business without buying other equipments or materials except for the computer and printer. It's easy operated, which will be your best choice!


110V Exposure Unit, Timer

Rubber Subplate, Glass & Sucker:
to guarantee a better exposing effect

1 Photosensitive Emulsion & 1 14" Emulsion Scoop Coater




20 pcs transparency film & 100ml Blackening Agent:
blacken printed graphics to guarantee a better exposing effect



4 16"x20" Frame with 120 mesh count &
1 Aluminum Foil Tape

Printing & After-printed Screen Processing Kit



500g Pallet Adhesive &
1 Pallet Adhesive Scraper


8 bottles Inks (1 White base; 2 Transparent Paste; 1 Black, 1 Green, Red, 1 Yellow,& 1 Blue Pigments)

4 Spatulas &
4 sheets Clean Up Card


4 pcs 13" squeegees

2 pc T-shirts
for printing test

100g Emulsion Remover Powder

Ghost Cream

200g All Mesh Prep Degreaser

Items included:

1) 1 set of 4 color 2 station screen press (006523)
2) 1 set of 3000W Intelligent 3-Stage Temperature Adjustable Flash Dryer (006044)
3) 1 set of screen printing equipments & materials kit (006802), which includes the following items:

  • ? 1 set of Washout Tank
  • ? 1 set of UV Exposure Unit Kit, with glass & sucker, rubber subplate included
  • ? 1 set of photosensitive emulsion
  • ? 1 pc of 14" Emulsion Scoop Coater
  • ? 20 sheets of A4 Transparency Film
  • ? 1 bottle of Graphics Blackening Agents
  • ? 4 16"x20" Screen Frame with 120 Mesh Count
  • ? 1 roll of Aluminum Foil Tape
  • ? 1 bottle of Pallet Adhesive
  • ? 1 pc of Pallet Adhesive Scraper
  • ? 8 bottles of Water-based Inks
  • ? 4 pcs of Spatulas
  • ? 4 sheets of Clean Up Card
  • ? 4 pcs of 13" Squeegees
  • ? 1 bottle of Emulsion Remover Powder
  • ? 1 bottle of Ghost Cream
  • ? 1 bottle of All Mesh Prep Degreaser
  • ? 2 pcs of T-shirts

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