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006841:110V Screen Printing 5060 UV Exposure Unit
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Screen Printing UV Exposure Unit---21" x 25"

Screen printing screens are coated with a light sensitive emulsion using a scoop coater. When the emulsion is dry, place a positive print of your image on the screen. Once you burn the screen, the emulsion that did not get any UV will wash out of the screen exposing the tiny pin holes. The surrounding areas that were exposed to UV will be cured. Hence the ink will pass through screen onto your substrate.

The maximum outer sizes of your screen frame must be within 21" x 25" (54x64 cm). If exceeded these sizes, our exposure unit cannot be covered well, which will affect your exposing effect.

Function & Features

1. There are 8pcs  20W UV burning Lamp (total power 160 W). Normally can be used for about 10,000 hours.

2 . The exposing area is 21 x 25  (54x64 cm), suitable for all kinds of screen frame within this size.

3 . Equipped with 8mm tempered glass, resistant to friction. Once the glass is broken, the glass shards are not sharp, could make sure the safety of operator

4 . With a countdown timer, when the setting time run out,  this machine will light off automatically.

5 .The timer has a function of automatic memory, once you set done it will keep the same time no matter how many times open and off.

6 .This machine attach with 2 pcs foam-rubber cushion.

7.8 x 11.8 x 2.4 inch (20*30*6 cm)

11.8x 15.7x2.4 inch (30*40*6 cm )

They are used to press the film more closely to the light and improve exposing quantity.

7. backup accessories:  1 pc uv tube and 1 pc ballast


Different brand emulsion have different exposing time, operator need to test in this machine and confirm the best exposing time.

Item Specification

Product Code


Exposure size

21x25 inch






American standard

Machine using material

3mm steel plate

Machine size

26x22x9 inch (67x57x23cm)

Net weight


Gross weight


Packing size

30x27x12.4 inch (77x68x31cm)

Countdown Timer Using Method

1. Before using, please press the "C" button to reset, it will display 00:00 00 and flash.

2. Press the "hour" "minute" and "second" button separately to set the countdown time, then the screen shows "ON"

3. Press the "start/pause" button to start work.

For example:  need to set the expose time 5 minutes 30 seconds :

Firstly, press "C" button to remove the original set ; then press "minute" set to"5"; press "seconds" set to "30"; Then press "start/pause" to start work, lamp on. After five minute 30 seconds , lamp will turn off automatically.

If this setting do not need to be changed, it will be automatically saved. When the machine start again, countdown timer is still 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Parameters of the timer:

Count range: 1 SEC --- 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds

Working temperature: - 25 c --- 65 c

Items  included:
  • 1 set of 21"x25" Screen Printing UV Exposure Unit (006841)


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