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006532:full 4-4 materials kit
C $490.00

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Screen Printing Equipments & Mat
4 Colors Screen Printing Materials Kit
This kit is especially designed and equipped for new hand to learn and do your DIY 4 colors screen printing. Except for the screen printing equipments, it nearly includes all the materials for doing 4 colors T-shirt screen printing; Another important thing is that we will also provide the full set of technical support. Besides, if you want to buy the screen press, screen stretcher, exposure unit, flash dryer and other screen printing equipments, you can also find from our warehouse or just contact with us. So why still hesitate? Act now!!!

Washout is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Based on the customer and market, our company R&D this washout tank furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, economical, multifunctional, convenient to use.


Internal dimension 26"*20"15"(66*50*37cm)
Crate dimension 31"*24"*17"(78*60*44cm) 
Net weight 15LB(7kg)
Shipping weight 20LB(9kg)
1 9.5" Emulsion scoop coater
1 14" Emulsion scoop coater
4 13" Squeegee
4 20" Squeegee
3 yards 80 Screen Mesh
3 yards120 & 3 yards 160 Mesh
4 10.5"x15" Screen Frame
4 16"x20" Screen Frame
20 sheets A3 Transparency Film
20 sheets A4 Transparency Film
4 pcs of Spatulas
1pc of aluminum tape
4 pcs of T-shirts

Screen Frame Adhesive
1 bottle/
2.2 Lb (1kg)

Photosensitive Emulsion
1 set/2.2Lb (1kg)

Emulsion Hardener
1 bottle/2.2 Lb (1kg)

Pallet Adhesive
1 bottle/1Lb (0.45kg)
Emulsion Remover Powder
1 bottle/0.22 Lb (100g)
Ink Thinner
1 bottle/2.2Lb (1kg)

3 bottles White Paste/1.1Lb (0.5kg)
2 Transparent Paste/1.1Lb(0.5kg)

4 Pigments: 2.2Lb(1kg)/bottle
scarlet, yellow, blue, black

4 PVC Inks: 2.2Lb (1kg)/can
black, white, yellow, red

Package included

1)1 Washout tank (006008)
2)1 9.5"Emulsion scoop coater (007002)
3)1 14"Emulsion scoop coater (007001)
4)20 sheets of A4 transparent Film (007003)
5)20 sheets of A3 transparent Film (007004)
6)1.39X3Yard 80#screen fabric (007203)
7)1.39X3Yard 120#screen fabric (007205)
8)1.39X3Yard 160#screen fabric (007207)
9)4 10.5"x15" Aluminum screen frame (007241)
10)4 16"x20" Aluminum screen frame (007261)
1 bottle of Screen frame adhesive (008000)
12)1 set of Photographic emulsion (008401)
1 bottle of Remover Powder (008417)
14)4 13"W
ater-based Squeegee (007347)
15)4 18"Oiliness Squeegee (007310)
16)4 Plastic Cement Spatulas
)1 bottle of Hardener (008440)
18)1 bottle of Pallet adhesive (008450)

19)3 bottles of White Paste (008243)
20)2 bottles of Transparent base (008253)
21)1 bottle of scarlet pigment (008060)
22)1 bottle of yellow pigment (008061)
23)1 bottle of blue pigment (008062)
24)1 bottle of black pigment (008064)
bottle of red PVC ink (008014)
26)1 bottle of yellow PVC ink (008015)
27)1 bottle of black PVC ink (008018)
28)1 bottle of white PVC ink (008019)

29)1 bottle of Ink thinner (011032)
30)1 pc of Aluminum foil tape (008433)
31)4 pcs of T-shirts

NOTE: All the items related in the above are all well packaged into one box; item number is 006532.


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