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006140:INTBUYING Screen Printing Stainless Steel Vacuum Pallet 20x24 inch Press Shirt Platten
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Stainless Steel Vacuum Pallet 50x60cm

The vacuum pallet is mainly target on paper or similar items, PVC, PET film, thin film, electronic products, hardness or softness plastics etc., these kind of flat or regular shaped products will closely adsorb to the pallet subjected to the reverse pressure from the vacuum pump, the substrates won’t be uplift with the screen plate, or change it’s position on the pallet due to the surrounding wind after printing, consequently, guarantee the accuracy on the next color overprinting.
The surface of The stainless steel vacuum screen pallet was uniformity drilled by laser(hole diameter 1.2mm, hole distance 20mm, 36 rows in vertical, 29 rows in horizontal, total 1044 aspirating holes),  directly connected with the pallet, maximize the vacuum pumping efficiency.

The adjustable pumping electrical cabinet was equipped, the rotate speed of the vacuum pump can be controlled by the stepless speed changed button, adjust the vacuum pressure as per your need; equipped with foot switch to control the electricity on-off, turn off the pump when you place the print substrate, turn on the pump after palced, then the substrate will adsorbed to the pallet for print, after print, turn off he pump, the substrate can be take off from the pallet easily.

Printing size:52*42cm

Pallet size: 60*50*3.5cm

Power: 240w

Diameter of the hole:1.2mm


Packing size:70*62*20cm

Net weight: 19.5kg

Gross weight: 21.5kg




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