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Ft software instructions

Ft software Instruction

Ft software is developed by ASC365 ltd. It is designed to help users control the plotter to cut or engrave, which is easy but powerful to drive the plotter. With this software, a normal plotter can be changed into a multifunction plotter, and the additional functions support the plotter to make logo on metal tags, engrave on glass, cut embroidery, draw a single color image and so on, while the other software does not support. And the additional functions are based on the plotter bought from ASC365 ltd.

The Ft software comes with a software key and can be run in windows xp, windows vista and windows 7 .

After installation there shows a concise interface, which can be easily operated. What is more, Ft can convert a image from bmp to plt, this function saves much time for user to fill a image with dot or line,which means to prepare for engraving.

With a set of graver offered from the package that should be purchased additionally, users can make logos on metal tags now. The metal tag is beaten by the graver at 10 times per sec, and the pressure is 400g. Minutes later, a logo comes out on the surface, and glass can be engraved by this graver also, it is amazing that a normal plotter can make a logo on glass!

The Ft software can also drive a plotter to draw a single color picture which is in bmp form. And an electric iron device bought by ASC365 is need.

Ft software comes with our plotter, click here to download the installation , any question,please feel free to contact us.




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