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001015:4inx4in Sublimation Ceramic Tile 1 PC
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Sublimation Ceramic Tile - 4”x4"

These white ceramic tile have a special coating for heat transfer, leaving a colorful, high quality, and permanent image, ideal for decorating when you add a magnetic backing or a pin. It becomes easy sale for personal and business use.

  • Brand new ,high quality

  • Color: white

  • Use with heat press, inkjet printer and sublimation ink

  • Size: 4"x4"

  • Net weight: 0.22Lb(0.1kg)

Ceramic tile heat press instruction
  • Place your pattern and ceramic tile. Make sure the pattern is placed below the ceramic tile, face up. Tip: Print mirror image. The print size of your pattern should be slightly larger than the size of the ceramic tile so that the pattern after heat press is full in size.
  • Switch on. Set temperature of heat press machine at 180C (356F) and time in 2-4 minutes. The temperature & time are not absolute, you should adjust them according to the actual conditions. The mode and rate should all be “0”. After getting all settings right, press “RUN” to start. TIP: Keep handle open when the machine is heating up.
  • Press down the heat platen after the machine reach preset temperature. The meter begin to count down. Pull up the handle lightly( to prevent from image cutback caused by image transplacement) when you hear the alarm.
  • Please wear heat protective gloves and take out the ceramic tile immediately.



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